Adultery - Infidelity

 Do you have doubts about the loyalty of your partner? Our advice is not to go out by yourself, but hiring a private detective can help you with that. We can shadow your partner to gather legal evidence of possible adultery to end this uncertainty

Harassment - Stalking

Do you feel like you've being chased all the time ? Got unwanted call , emails , text , gifts ? Ever asked someone for information about you from your friends or family ? Got threats ? Received unwanted orders ? The, you may be a victim of stalking. A private investigator can give a stalker a face and identity and collect legal evidence to take further action. 

Pre-marriage Investigations

Do you have doubts about your future spouse , son/daughter -in-law ?
As a specialized detective agency we are able to obtain information about behavior , marital status, property status, job ,previous relationships, children, previous place(s) of residence, time use, etc..

Control Child

Has your child behaved differently recently and do you suspect any drug use ?
As a private investigator , we can investigate your suspicions by discreetly following your child and collecting all evidence.


Does your ex-partner have to pay alimony, but do you suspect that he/she is withholding income or is he/she not complying with the arrangement to pay it ? Do you have to pay alimony yourself and you suspect that this is  unlawful for any reason ? In either case, a private investigator can start an investigation to investigate it.

Child custody 

Do you have doubts about how your ex-partner will spend time when her she has the children ? A private investigator can check the time spent by your ex-partner when the children are with him/her, as well as the care of the children by the possible new partner. A family judge will be able to make a decision on this more easily on the the basis of the photos and report taken. 

Missing persons - Goods

The disappearance of persons can have various reasons. In case of worrying dissapearances of , for example, a minor child it is always advisable to contact other authorities first. A private investigator can conduct additional investigations. In the vent of missing goods, a private investigator can start an investigations to find these goods.

The list is unlimited, of you have questions about something that is not in this list, you can always contact us without obligation. 


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