Our types of Company Investigations

Competition clause 

Suspicion of violation of the agreements you made in the non-competition clause with an ex-employee? As a private detective, we can find out whether your suspicions are correct with the necessary evidence so that you can demand that this person immediately stop these activities.


Are you looking for evidence because you suspect an employee of absenteeism due to illness? Engaging a private detective can provide the necessary evidence for this

Staff time use

Do you have doubts about the work performance of staff who have to be on the job during working hours ? A private detective can carry out a shadow assignment in all discretion and check this work performance. 

Pre-employment screening

 Do you have any doubts about the authenticity of an applicant's curriculum vitae? A private detective can check the employment history of this applicant before you enter into an employment contract

Mystery shopping

Curious about the customer-friendliness of your staff with customers? Are they giving the right feedback? Can they be trusted? Do you need an investigation into complaints about your company's services? As a mystery, a private detective can collect evidence needed with a final report.

Tracing debtors

Do you still have unpaid invoices and is there no trace of this defaulter? A private detective can try to track down these debtors and take legal action afterwards

The list is unlimited, of you have questions about something that is not in this list, you can always contact us without obligation. 


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