Joco Investigations specializes in providing comprehensive support to insurance companies, assisting them with various aspects of their operations. Discover how our expertise can benefit your insurance company.


1. Claims verification:

At Joco Investigations, we understand the importance of thorough verification of insurance claims. Our experienced team of detectives meticulously investigates claim details, conducts interviews, and gathers evidence to validate the authenticity of claims, helping insurance companies prevent fraud and minimize losses.

2. Surveillance and investigation:

We offer surveillance and investigation services tailored to the specific needs of insurance companies. Whether it's investigating suspected fraudulent claims, assessing the extent of damages in insurance cases, or uncovering crucial information regarding policyholders' activities, our detectives employ advanced techniques to gather actionable intelligence.

3. Background checks:

Our agency conducts comprehensive background checks on individuals involved in insurance claims, including claimants, witnesses, and beneficiaries. By verifying backgrounds, work histories, financial data, and legal backgrounds, we provide insurance companies with valuable insights to assess the credibility of claims and mitigate risks.

4. Detection and prevention of fraud:

Detecting and preventing insurance fraud is paramount to maintaining the integrity of insurance operations. Joco Investigations utilizes advanced investigative tools and techniques to identify red flags, anomalies, and suspicious patterns indicative of fraudulent activities. Our proactive approach helps insurance companies protect their interests and uphold industry standards.

5. Expert testimony and documentation:

In legal proceedings related to insurance claims, our detectives provide expert testimony based on thorough research and evidence collection. We assist insurance companies in crafting comprehensive documentation, reports, and statements that support their case in the courtroom, ensuring clarity and credibility.

6. Customized solutions:

At Joco Investigations, we recognize that every insurance case is unique and presents its own challenges and complexities. We offer tailored investigative solutions customized to the specific requirements of insurance companies, delivering results that meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality.


Collaborate with Joco Investigations and gain a strategic advantage in managing insurance claims, combating fraud, and safeguarding the interests of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized investigative services and how we can effectively support your insurance operations.


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