1. The first consultation is always free and 100% confidential.

2. We can arrange a meeting at a location of your choice to thoroughly discuss the investigation.

3. We believe the beginning of a case is the most crucial part of the investigation. That's why we prioritize patient and empathetic listening to our clients.

4. We encourage our clients to take all the time they need to explain their situation in detail.

5. Based on this information, we discuss the action plan to achieve the best possible solution, as well as potential costs.

6. After consultation, we propose drafting a contract, in accordance with the law of July 19, 1991, regulating the profession of private detective.

7. Each investigation begins with a minimum of 4 consecutive hours.

8. In accordance with the contract, a deposit of 50% of the expected costs and remunerations is requested.

9. During the investigation, we regularly keep our clients informed and adjust the assignment if necessary. Upon the client's request, an interim report can also be provided.

10. After completing the assignment, we prepare a report for the client, detailing the activities performed with dates, locations, and hours. An accurate calculation of remunerations and costs is also included. The final, legally correct report also includes evidence collected in the course of the assignment, such as the detective's report, the bailiff's report, photos, and videos.

Trust our thorough and professional approach for all your investigative needs at Joco Investigations.


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