How much does hiring a Private Investigator cost ?

A first consultation can always take place at a neutral location. 

Every investigation is different and therefore the overall cost and price of hiring a private investigator can vary. Some investigations can be done by one detective, more complex investigations require the use of more than one detective and additional resources. The amount of information already collected is also an important factor in determining the total cost.

During the preparatory discussions, we go through the contents of the case together with the client, so that the private investigator will be able to determine the resources necessary for the investigation and a cost estimate is made based on the possibilities. The customer himself decides when to work on the assignment.


  • The rate for hiring a private detective varies between € 55 and € 95 per hour, depending on the duration and complexity of the assignment. 
  • Mileage allowance / km - € 0.80
  • Other additional costs to be determined with the customer
  • All prices are 21% VAT exclusive 

We use a fixed price per hour, there is no extra charge for assignments that have to be done  during a weekend ,the night or during public holidays.

When concluding an agreement, we always ask 50% of the expected costs for the execution of the assignment.

Please feel free to contact us for a price quote.


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