Mystery Shopping

6 May 2024

Mystery Shopping

A comprehensive investigation into customer service: A case with Joco Investigations


Welcome to Joco Investigations, where we specialize in resolving complex issues such as assessing customer service. In this case, we will take a look at how our expert detectives addressed a case of suspected poor customer service and achieved a satisfactory solution.

Case Description:

A well-known retail company, let's call it "Fashion House", approached Joco Investigations with complaints about the quality of their customer service. The management repeatedly received complaints from customers about rude staff, long waiting times, and a general lack of friendliness. They wanted to improve the quality of their customer service and decided to set up a mystery shopping program.

Approach by Joco Investigations:

  1. Consultation and information gathering: Our experienced detectives scheduled an extensive consultation with Fashion House's management to understand all relevant details of the case. We listened to their complaints, gathered information about the customer service, and devised a plan for the mystery shopping program. 
  2. Selection of Mystery Shoppers: We selected a team of undercover detectives to act as mystery shoppers. They were trained to assess various aspects of customer service, such as staff friendliness, waiting times, and accuracy of information. 
  3. Execution of the mystery shops: Our undercover detectives visited various Fashion House locations and evaluated the customer service based on pre-established criteria. They carefully documented their experiences and collected evidence. 
  4. Reporting and advice: After completing the mystery shops, we prepared a detailed report for Fashion House's management. We presented all the collected evidence and provided recommendations for improving customer service. 


Thanks to the mystery shopping program, Fashion House's management gained clarity about the quality of their customer service. The evidence we collected provided them with insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their customer service and enabled them to make targeted improvements.


This case illustrates how Joco Investigations effectively uses mystery shopping to evaluate and improve customer service. If you suspect poor customer service in your business, you can rely on our expertise and dedication to uncover the truth and help your business grow. Contact us today for professional and discreet support.

Mystery Shopping

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